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Overseas Manpower Recruitment

Why Silver and Gold?

People are the most valuable asset in any organizations. Effectively managing people for competitive advantage is the ultimate power sources of thinking, doing and achieving the corporate goals. Considering current complexity of doing businesses, we need a variety of skills to fulfill human ambitions. Thus, talent management becomes one of the greatest challenges especially how to retain skilled people to stay within organizations. Therefore, Silver and Gold can help your business in providing talented people to grow your businesses.

 Our Background

Silver and Gold has been engaged in international staffing services for years. We are famous for our great connections to skillful jobseekers from Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam in the fields of accounting and finance, information technology, health care, architecture, construction, engineering, rig/drilling operations, and telecommunications and many others.

Our Services for Recruitment

Recruiting internationally from overseas can be a challenging experience for companies. At Silver and Gold, we have the insight, resources access to pools of talent to provide your company with the people you need. We have always been in the hallmark of quality recruitment because of our consistent focus on finding the right candidate to match the right job. We provide a wide array of assessments to validate candidate skills to ensure a good fit between the employee and your company.
 Latest Projects

joommaster team
Many projects in Libya have selected us as thier human resource service for mega projects to thier effective achieve since 1981.

Our experience (over 30 years) is the best of our guarantee. You can see mega projects we concerned from following link.
We have served Libya since 1981
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